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On Wednesday March 21 elections will take place for the local council. International residents from the EU and other residents who have lived longer than five years in Holland are able to vote, we hope you participate.
The local council holds 21 members and there are 8 parties participating in these elections. One of these parties is D66 (list 3). D66 is an internationally minded liberal-democratic party that was founded in 1966 and it is now participating in the Dutch government. In Wassenaar D66 is represented in the council with three members and one alderman. You can find more information about the history and goals of D66 on

D66 has five indicators as cornerstones for views and actions, nationwide and local: trust in the empowerment of people; think and act without borders; reward performance and share welfare; strive for a harmonious and sustainable society; cherish shared values and rights.

The main points of interest of D66 Wassenaar are:
Good living: keep Wassenaar attractive as a residential area; make it more sustainable, e.g. more shared (electric) cars; take care of an accessible Wassenaar – for example A44/Rozenplein an the village centre – not only by car but also for pedestrians and bikers; make save routes to schools and sport-accommodations; invest in theatre Warenar and a new sports-hall.
Good education: schools and childcare have to be payable and accessible for all; the quality has to be excellent.
Good governance: keep it local, effective and efficient; do investments in public goods combined with a solid financial base, with an eye on local taxes; involve inhabitants in decisions.

Our candidates have different and broad backgrounds, some of them in international affairs e.g. our local party leader/list leader Ritske Bloemendaal lived abroad for several years. They have feelings with the international character of Wassenaar and its foreign inhabitants.

Our local Dutch program is more advanced. If you are interested and would like to know more about D66, its program and candidates please contact for further information.

Click here for more information about D66, in national and international affairs. 

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